Wedding and Event Tents

Experience in the Rental Industry

Europe About2Sperry Tents began with an invitation. Sailmaker and craftsman Steve Sperry was invited to a neighborhood party and decided to use his design skills and knowledge of fabrics to create a unique tent canopy. All center and side poles were milled from native pine at his historic 1930s sawmill. Components of the original canopy—hand-sewn panels of waterproof sailcloth, stainless steel grommets, geometric support patches, and festive pennant flags—formed the unique “Sperry Tents” look and marked an innovative shift in event aesthetics.Europe About

Steve’s son, Tim Sperry, took over ownership of Sperry Tents and incorporated it separately from Sperry Sails in 1996. The sister companies are still closely linked, with Sperry Tents representing the rental side and Sperry Sails’ Fabric Architecture division the manufacturing side.

Today, each and every Sperry Tent is still crafted by hand in a post-and-beam barn located in coastal Massachusetts. While there are Sperry Tent providers across the U.S., we are proud to be the first licensed provider in Europe. Besides rentals for special occasions, we also specialize in the sale of Sperry Tents and can produce a custom tent for your specific needs. Please email us to inquire about a purchase.